MS Teams Shifts: Everything You Should Know

How will this make your life easier?

  • When you are unavailable you can set
  • You can select which unassigned shifts you wish to make
  • Swap with a staff member by moving to the changes without disturbing your boss
  • You should be entitled to demand leave

Enable or disable MS teams shifts in your organization

  • In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.
  • In the list of apps, do one of the following:
  • To turn off Shifts for your organization, search for the Shifts app, select it, and then click Block.
  • To turn on Shifts for your organization, search for the Shifts app, select it, and then click Allow.

Enable or disable MS teams shifts for specific users

Getting started with MS teams shifts

MS teams shifts view

  • You can choose to view the schedule as a daily, weekly or monthly view. You can also use the options shown above to group the schedule view by shift rather than people and configure what information is displayed such as groups and open shifts etc.
  • The different levels of view make it easy for managers to keep track of their staff cover for a particular day, week or month. Information that isn’t required can be hidden, so their screen isn’t cluttered with unneeded information.
  • Shifts is also available on the Microsoft Teams mobile client. The mobile version is a trimmed-down version of the full desktop client and is designed for frontline workers to view shifts, create requests for time off and swap shifts with colleagues.
  • The Microsoft teams shifts app can be accessed on the mobile client by pressing the waffle menu in the top left-hand corner of the Teams mobile app and then selecting More Apps.

MS teams shifts schedule share

MS teams shifts time clock

MS teams shifts schedule

  • When you are an owner with at least one team, but none of them have shifts changes, you would be provided with an opportunity to build a plan for all of your own teams.
  • When you are not an owner, none of the teams you are a part of already have a shifts schedule, you will see a message, “It looks like there is no team schedule yet for you.”
  • If there is a shifts schedule with at least one of the teams you are a part of or owner of, you would be guided to that plan. If several schedules are open, the latest one you have seen will be shown.
  • When you have never been to shifts before, you are going to see a chart that you can pick which team schedule you would like to use as your very first ever day.
  • You can open a list of all your schedules when you have access to at least one schedule, and switch between them via the “hamburger” menu at the top left corner of Shifts.
  • You will also use the Latest Scheduling connection to attach shifts schedules for your other teams in the same perspective.

MS teams shifts create

  • Start, end date and time of the shift
  • Is the shift open or someone’s assigned?
  • If you have an available shift you may pick the number of spaces. For the same time, that implies several copies of the same shift are made, and those can be allocated to various people who operate concurrently, creating the same kind of change.
  • A custom label/title to use in the schedule view (if left empty, the date of change is displayed)
  • The duration of an available unpaid intermission.
  • A notice area for any detail that you might want to include in the move.
  • A summary of the sub-activities during the changeover
  • Color move! For each particular form of the move, select a color and you get a pleasant color-coded schedule for easier monitoring.

MS teams shifts assigning

  • You may create a shift to be an open shift (to be delegated later), or build it specifically for an individual (this is the only choice in the mobile app currently).
  • You need to connect them to the same community where you have or are intending to build the change before you can appoint a consumer to a change.
  • The adding of members to schedule groups is limited to team members. If you choose to apply a change to a person who is not visible in the people picker, first make sure they are a team leader.
  • After accepting the consumer as a participant, it could also be appropriate to wait for the client details to be coordinated with changes.

MS teams shifts request time off

  • Team representatives may ask for time-off and team leaders may either accept or reject such demands.
  • The approved time-off in the schedule is automatically blocked for the user.
  • A team member may recommend replacing one of their shifts within the same timetable with one of the other employee’s shifts. The co-worker instead either rejects the appeal or supports it.
  • The other move does not have to be in the same party, so the interested individuals do not have to be participants of all classes.
  • If the other employee approves the swap, a manager is prompted to approve the swap as the final step. If the users were not already participants of the other scheduling classes, they are now included automatically.
  • This is not a security concern as members of the team can still see all the scheduling groups and shifts even if they are not members of the groups.
  • Team leaders may often easily give any team leader one of their shifts without having a move in exchange. The clearance method operates in the same fashion as for change swaps.

MS teams shifts group scheduling

  • While a team may have just one schedule, a project may include a nearly infinite amount of groups.
  • A simple schedule can have just one group, but if multiple categories or sections are needed, groups can support that need.
  • When creating shifts, you still need to build them in the schedule for one team. You cannot move intergroup shifts.
  • If you have an error or decide to build identical changes with multiple classes in the calendar, you may replicate the simple change, so if you have put action to the move, it won’t contain any.
  • If you copy entire schedules, then copy the activities as well.

MS teams shifts copying

MS teams shifts recurring

  • The developers have not (forgotten?) implemented an opportunity for recurrence teams shifts in any way.
  • Its omission has angered many people and this widely awaited feature has yet to come up with Microsoft.
  • Fortunately, there is a solution that would allow you to set up regular changes, but with a little extra effort. Making a fresh change first.
  • When you like the same Shift every day, copy and paste the contents of the Shift to the instance day. Likewise, if you decide to replicate the change regularly, just transfer it forward to the following day if you want it to happen again.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that it would strive to implement the recurring shifts but we do not have the release date.

MS teams shifts export schedule

  • Go to “Shifts” on Microsoft teams
  • On the top, click More options (…)
  • Select “Export Schedule
  • After a few seconds, a csv file will be exported to your downloads file.
  • If you are interested in moving the schedule to a different channel, then you can use the import schedule on the same options.

MS teams shifts import schedule

  • On your scheduler
  • On the top, click More options (…)
  • Select “Import schedule
  • Download the sample excel template.
  • When you’re done, save the file as CSV (Comma Delimited)
  • Upload the CSV file
  • Edit unknown columns if needed
  • Review the imported shifts, make edits and add more shifts if needed
  • Review the summary and click on “confirm
  • All shifts are now populated in your schedule and unpublished
  • Publish your schedule when ready
  • Edit your excel file. Each row is a shift.

MS teams shifts audit log

MS teams shifts notifications

  • Microsoft teams shifts does not currently have feature parity with Staffhub (things like Time Clock which loads of people want to see)
  • There is also the wider issue of notifications with shifts as shown by this long running TC thread where MS is currently working on remediation.
  • I would vote on the uservoice and this will notify you of it gets picked up.

MS teams shifts API

  • Create, read, and update Schedules
  • Create, read, and update Schedule Groups
  • Create, read, update, and delete Shifts and shift activities
  • Create, read, update and delete time offs, time off reasons, and time off requests
  • Track the last change date of any of the above items

MS teams shifts for firstline workers

MS teams shifts data

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to delete schedules on shifts?
    There is currently no way to delete a schedule once it has been created, so your decision will be final for the time being. According to UserVoice, the feature is planned to be implemented sometime in the future.
  2. How to reassign shift to another person?
    If you want to reassign a shift from one person to another, you first need to move the shift to open shifts and then reassign it. Not only is this clumsy behavior but it also causes major problems when it comes to automating operations related to shifts.
  3. Does shifts work with people outside the organization?
    Shifts does not currently support guest users — even if you’re using guest users in Microsoft Teams.
  4. What is the maximum group Size in Microsoft teams shifts?
    The limit for a group in Shifts is the same as the limit for a Team.




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